Your Jordan Checklist: 10 Items You Can’t Forget to Bring With You

Jordan is a country of many options: city and desert sightseeing, hot and cold seasons, holy sites and ancient ruins, and flavor-packed cuisine for both carnivores and vegetarians. How is a tourist to pack for a ...

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Exploring Jordan as a Family: 8 Kid-Friendly Activities You Want to Experience

If you and your family aspire to travel somewhere with stunning landscapes, interactive history, and archeological sites, Jordan is the perfect place for guests of all ages. Check out a few of our top recommendations for visiting Jordan with your ...

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72 Hours in Aqaba, Jordan's Port City

When you think of Jordan, desert landscapes and age-old cities likely come to mind. Lesser known is this country’s southernmost resort town, Aqaba, where the red-brown mountains are cut off by a ...

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Adventurous Experiences in Jordan

Are you looking for an exciting adventure abroad? Look no further than Jordan where your next adventurous experience awaits.

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The Meaningful Travel Map to Jordan

Tourism Cares and the Jordan Tourism Board have launched the first ever Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan, researching and documenting twelve experiences that are powerful and positive for both travelers ...

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Madaba, Jordan

Madaba, Jordan, best known for its historic churches and centuries old mosaics also happens to be where I spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. During my time there I developed friendships and ...

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What to Pack on A Trip to Jordan

When I found out I was traveling to Jordan, I was immediately filled with excitement. I couldn’t wait to experience the history, food, culture, and landscape — from incredible mountains to gorgeous coastlines, from bustling cities to dry ...

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Sauntering in Jordan: Finding Peace and Purpose From Amman to Aqaba

In my desk drawer, I keep an article by Daniel Novotny, a dear departed graduate school professor of mine. Of the European practice of journeying to the Holy Land in the Middle Ages he writes:

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