Sauntering in Jordan: Finding Peace and Purpose From Amman to Aqaba

In my desk drawer, I keep an article by Daniel Novotny, a dear departed graduate school professor of mine. Of the European practice of journeying to the Holy Land in the Middle Ages he writes:

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Better Than Disneyland: Why Families Are Choosing to Vacation in Jordan

When you hear people talk about taking a relaxing, fun-filled family vacation, Jordan isn’t usually the first destination that comes to mind. A lot of the time, ...

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Beyond the Natural Wonders: Finding Inspiration and Peace in Jordan

Jordan is a lively, colorful country often characterized by the chaotic bustle of Ammani streets, the spirited banter of close friends and family, and the night-long wedding celebrations that are an integral part ...

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A Travelers Narrative: The Beauty of Jordanian People

Jordan is renowned for its physical beauty. The historic charm of the ancient city of Petra, the stunning chasms and plains of ...

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Tori's Jordan Journey: Day 3

After a wonderful, action-packed second day, everyone was exhausted, making the later start of day 3 highly satisfying.

Today was a much more spiritual and calm day were we got to learn about Moses and his death, and many other ...

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Tori's Jordan Journey: Day 2

Even though today is only our second day of adventures, this amazing trip has already been packed with entertainment that could last for a week!

We started off the day by traveling to the city of Ajloun, where we got to see a beautiful ...

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Tori's Jordan Journey: Day 1

Today was my first official day in Jordan, and my first day in another country. I must say it was so amazing and there is ...

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Ten Reasons why you should Visit Jordan during the World Cup


With the U-17 Women's World Cup just around the corner, we're extremely excited to get a chance to share Jordan to so many new faces! Here are 10 ...

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