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Foods You MUST Eat and Wines You MUST Drink While in Jordan

Jordan boasts a variety of amazing dishes, some of which are already familiar to foreigners. Jordanian cuisine, however, goes far ...

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7 Ways To Be A More Conscientious Traveler in Jordan

Passport? Check!

Luggage? Check!

Love for adventure? ...

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Exploring Jordan as a Family: 8 Kid-Friendly Activities You Want to Experience

If you and your family aspire to travel somewhere with stunning landscapes, interactive history, and archeological sites, Jordan is the perfect place for guests of all ages. Check out a few of our top ...

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72 Hours in Aqaba, Jordan's Port City

When you think of Jordan, desert landscapes and age-old cities likely come to mind. Lesser known is this country’s southernmost resort town, Aqaba, where the red-brown ...

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5 Holy Sites You Didn't Know Were in Jordan

Jordan’s unique location in the heart of the biblical Middle East means that it’s possible to stumble across incredible holy sites at any moment. You may already know that Jordan is home to famous places such as ...

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Adventurous Experiences in Jordan

Are you looking for an exciting adventure abroad? Look no further than Jordan where your next adventurous experience awaits.


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The Meaningful Travel Map to Jordan

Tourism Cares and the Jordan Tourism Board have launched the first ever Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan, researching and documenting twelve experiences that are powerful ...

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Ending at The Red and The Dead

Our ride on the Jordan Bike Trail officially ended as we rolled into the chaotic traffic of Aqaba. Caked in a mix of sweat, sand, dust, and sunscreen as I walked through the immaculate lobby of the ...

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