Looking For An Adventure and Meaning? #JustDoJordan

By the end of this journey across and through Jordan, one thing was made clear to me: it is our sameness that unites us and our humanity that connects us.

And that, I believe, is the formula for harmony.

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60 years since Royal Jordanian was established

"RJ is a long-established company and a national icon" of Jordan and RJ is "proud of [their] national role in connecting Jordan to the world" (Samar Majali, CEO of Royal Jordanian).

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My Unforgettable Journey: Falling in Love with Jordan

Howdy, fellow travelers! I'm Janine Jervis, your friendly guide to an extraordinary love affair with the jewel of the Middle East—Jordan. Today, I'm not the Communications Director for the Jordan Tourism Board North America; instead, I'm just ...

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Marathon Des Sables Kicks off in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert

The Half Marathon Des Sables (HMDS) kicked off its second edition in Jordan’s stunning Wadi Rum desert.

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Jordan Launches First Dedicated Film Studio Complex

Jordan’s first specialized film studio complex, Olivewood Film Studios officially opened its doors in the kingdom’s capital city of Amman.

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Wadi Bin Hammad: A Jordanian Oasis

Jordan’s Wadi Bin Hammad water canyon is a must-visit natural oasis that is filled with wonderful outdoor experiences for the entire family.

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Souk Jara: Amman's Favorite Open-Air Market

During the summer months, a vibrant outdoor market is hosted by Amman’s historic Jabal Amman neighborhood, known as Souk Jara. The community comes alive with this event as its charm draws in locals and tourists.

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Wine Tastings and Wineries in Jordan



As the summer is coming to an end and the weather is starting to cool, a trip to one of Jordan’s beautiful vineyards is a must during the fall months.  

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