Warmest Holiday Wishes to you from your Friends in Jordan! (Issue 14)

Jan 5, 2018 10:06:36 AM

Jordan Tourism Board North America

Warmest Holiday Wishes to you from your Friends in Jordan!

Will Smith in Jordan Filming 'Aladdin'!


It Looks Like Will Smith is
Loving Life in Jordan Right Now


National Geographic:
10 Photos of Jordan’s Must-See Sites


Jordan Chosen as one of
Top 10 Places to Visit in 2018


Walking Through History on
the Spectacular Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail selected as one of the best places to hike in all of Asia.png

24 Hours in Amman: How to Make the Most
of Your Day in the Jordanian Capital

A Guide to Some of Amman’s Finest Rooftop Views.png

Petra: An Archaeological Oasis
in the Desert of Jordan


Jordan: Come for the History, Stay for the Food


Land of 100 Salads: Vegan in Jordan


Immerse Yourself in His Story - Holy Jordan

Holy Jordan.png

Sites to Visit While in Jordan: Scattered across Jordan are a vast number of significant religious sites that have brought tourists from across the globe. These well-maintained holy sites have sought to preserve the history and culture of the country. Mount Nebo is supposedly where Moses looked down at the Holy Land and also where he was buried. Bethany Beyond the Jordan is where Jesus was said to have been baptized. See the full post on our blog: Five Holy Sites to Visit While in Jordan.


Featured Blog Post

Featured Blog Post by Guest Writer Curtis Ramsey-Lucas, Executive Editor of Christian Citizen magazine

Sauntering in Jordan: Finding Peace and Purpose From Amman to Aqaba


You may know Petra as the “rose-red” city, but you probably have not heard of the “all-black” city: Um Al Jimal. A city shrouded in mystery and who’s structures are made from black volcanic stone, hence the coining of the name “all-black city”.

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Featured Stories from Jordan

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  • Wadi Rum: “Just get used to saying, "Wow." The landscape is surreal, views from the ground or from hiking up on the rocks were fantastic. Definitely worth an overnight to experience the stars and the quiet of the desert night and early morning. A favorite vacation memory, for sure!” – TheMarys.  See more

  • Petra: “Petra is number 1 tour site in the world due to its unbelievably beautiful rock formations, history, and current residents who were are so nice and hospitable. It's a must see site, never miss the chance...” – Samgambler  See more.

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