Hope you had a wonderful summer! (Issue 12)

Oct 6, 2017 11:36:08 AM

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Hope you had a wonderful summer!

The Week Magazine picked Jordan as a dream destination!
“Luxuriating in Jordan's ancient and otherworldly delights”

Luxuriating in Jordan's ancient and otherworldly delights.png

Each week, The Week staff pick a dream destination based on the recommendation of the travel industry’s top writers. Jordan was chosen last month.

Andrea Bocelli Prays at Jordan River Site of Jesus’ Baptism

Andrea Bocelli Prays at Jordan River Site of Jesus’ Baptism.png

Andrea Bocelli prays at Jordan River site of Jesus’ baptism before an amazing performance at the Oval Forum at the thousands years old city of Jerash! Bocelli said, "The site is a very special place because it represents the roots of my faith." Read more about what was called the “concert of the decade”

AFAR: Get Familiar with Jordan’s Luxurious Side

Get Familiar with Jordan’s Luxurious Side.png

Unearth the countless luxurious treasures Jordan has to offer here.

Star Trek: Discovery Filmed On-Location in Jordan!

Star Trek Discovery Filmed On-Location in Jordan!.png

Scenes from CBS series Star Trek: Discovery being filmed in Wadi Rum in Jordan. Wadi Rum is home to many films including The Martian and Star Wars to name a few!

Jordan Trail in the News

Chicago Tribune: 45 days, 400 miles: Hiking the new Jordan Trail

Andrew Evans - Jordan Trail.png

Read about Andrew Evans’ trip that saw him walk the whole length of Jordan in 45 days!


Outside Magazine: The World’s Best Thru-Hike is in Jordan

The World's Best Thru-Hike is in Jordan.png

Featured Blog Posts

Foods You MUST Eat and Wines You MUST Drink While in Jordan

Foods you must eat and wines you must drink while in Jordan.png

Jordanian cuisine goes far beyond the ubiquitous hummus and falafel, so be sure not to leave Jordan without tasting all the incredible dishes and local wines it has to offer!

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    Pat Parillo: “One of the most amazing warm friendly places on earth,,,,, never been treated with more respect, or kindness than by the Jordanians, very much made to feel welcome, and the food is outta this world.... so good”

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  • Wadi Rum: Just get used to saying, "Wow." The landscape is surreal, views from the ground or from hiking up on the rocks were fantastic. Definitely worth an overnight to experience the stars and the quiet of the desert night and early morning. A favorite vacation memory, for sure!” See more at TripAdvisor.

  • Petra: “This is mind blowing! Truly unforgettable experience. Visually this place is amazing and one of the places around the world that I always remember. I was lucky enough to travel here with my family and we were amazed at the city inside. It was like being in another world. Unforgettable. Would love to visit again.” See more.

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