Jordan, Leading the Way in Sustainable and Impactful Travel! (Issue 17)

Mar 5, 2018 2:35:54 PM

Jordan Tourism Board North America


After Two Years in the Making - Tourism Cares with Jordan is Finally Here 

Tourism Cares with Jordan brings key members of the travel industry to unravel the power of impactful travel. Read More…


Jordan Tourism Board & Tourism Cares Present: The Meaningful Travel Map to Jordan 

Tourism Cares and the Jordan Tourism Board have launched the first ever Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan, researching and documenting twelve experiences that are powerful and positive for both travelers and communities. Read More…



Hidden Gems of Jordan: By Peter Greenberg

Jordan is a relatively small country, but it is home to some of the most historic and culturally significant places on Earth. Read More...



How to Find Authentic Experiences Abroad

If you are hoping for a unique, enriching travel experience, you’re starting in the right place. Jordan itself is off the beaten path. Untouched desert, age-old Roman ruins, peaceful canyons, and verdant olive groves are just waiting to be explored. Read More…



Feynan Ecolodge: A Sustainable Hotel in the Dana Biosphere Reserve

Voted one of the top ecolodges in the world, discover this sustainable oasis in the heart of Jordan. Learn More...


A Guide to Some of Amman’s Finest Rooftop Views

48 Hours in Amman - How to Make the Most of Two Days in Jordan's Bustling Capital

Although many travellers to Jordan have their sights set on the architectural marvels of Petra and the magical martian landscapes of Wadi Rum, the capital of Amman is worth at least 48 hours of your time. Read More...



Holy Jordan

Scattered across Jordan are a vast number of significant religious sites that have brought tourists from across the globe. These well-maintained holy sites have sought to preserve the history and culture of the country. Mount Nebo is supposedly where Moses looked down at the Holy Land and also where he was buried. Bethany Beyond the Jordan is where Jesus was said to have been baptized. See the full post on our blogFive Holy Sites to Visit While in Jordan.

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Featured Stories from Jordan

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Included Stories:

Shifting Sands: The Bedouin Climbers of Wadi Rum, Jordan  [Climbing]

Budget airlines Ryanair will now fly you from Europe to Jordan  [Lonely Planet]



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  • Wadi Rum: “Just get used to saying, "Wow." The landscape is surreal, views from the ground or from hiking up on the rocks were fantastic. Definitely worth an overnight to experience the stars and the quiet of the desert night and early morning. A favorite vacation memory, for sure!” - TheMarys.  See more

  • Petra: “Is one of the must-sees in the country! A place full of history that someone must see! One day is not enough to go around.” – mine-gr. See more.

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