Adventurous Experiences in Jordan

Are you looking for an exciting adventure abroad? Look no further than Jordan where your next adventurous experience awaits.

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How Tourism Cares is Changing the Travel Industry in Jordan

In February of 2018, the Jordan Tourism Board North America (JTBNA) in partnership with Tourism Cares launched the first ever Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan. The map, an interactive resource is meant to educate ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Pilgrimages to Jordan

All of the Abrahamic religions have significant roots in Jordan. Whether you wish to travel to ancient holy places mentioned in the Old Testament, trace the steps of Jesus and his disciples, or visit ...

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Why Family Adventure Travel in Jordan is on the Rise

When you think of the Middle East, your first thought may not be that it’s a perfect place for a family-friendly vacation. As you will soon discover, however, Jordan has many characteristics that make ...

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Better Than Disneyland: Why Families Are Choosing to Vacation in Jordan

When you hear people talk about taking a relaxing, fun-filled family vacation, Jordan isn’t usually the first destination that comes to mind. A lot of the time, ...

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How to Explore Jordan for Less Than $100 Per Day

Travel is notoriously expensive, and many people feel that they must postpone their adventures for years until they save enough money. Visitors to Jordan will be pleased to discover that a day in this far away, beautiful country can be even ...

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Escaping the Matrix: Why People are Traveling to Jordan to “Unplug”

In today’s world, the constant buzz of social media and politics can often prove overwhelming. It can seem impossible to get away from the workday grind, and the constant news alerts and Facebook comments can be ...

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Why People Are Embracing Experiential Travel in Jordan

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of experiential travel, which emphasizes cultural immersion and authenticity. In today’s age of social media and globalization, it is all too easy to ...

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