Tori's Jordan Journey: Day 3

Oct 7, 2016 12:00:32 PM

Tori Lawrence

Tori's Jordan Journey: Day 3

After a wonderful, action-packed second day, everyone was exhausted, making the later start of day 3 highly satisfying.

Today was a much more spiritual and calm day were we got to learn about Moses and his death, and many other fascinating stories that connected all religions in harmony. Our first spiritual sight was Mount Nebo, which I was told was the place that the prophet Moses, discovered the promise land. It also supposedly is a possible place where Moses passed away. 

Immediately after Mount Nebo, we visited a textile shop, to learn about the process of making them, and how they possibly made the textiles found in the Mountain museum. U learned the difference in the old way versus the new way of making textiles, and how sometimes the rocks are paint while others times they are if true color. Most importantly however, I met wonderful people in the shop, including a handicapped man who made many of the textiles shown in the shop.

The owners of the shop truly focus on helping those in need, so they have provided an activity for the less fortunate to express themselves through, mosaic art. I was so inspired by the people that I brought out my soccer ball- a ball I brought to Jordan, that I would have people who inspired me sign-and asked everyone to sign it. It was so wonderful seeing the positive response to this idea, and was very interesting to see some Arabic signatures, and some in English.

After the mosaic shop, we headed on a two hour journey to another fabulous restaurant for lunch. It never ceases to amaze me how all the food is made so purely, and the dishes are always extremely tasty with so much effort put into each food option.

Tori's Jordan Journey: Day 3

After lunch we visited a lovely church with a enormous mosaic, replicating a map of Jordan, and middle eastern countries. We then continued back on the road to head to our hotel in Petra. 

I truly enjoyed the more peaceful, relaxing day after such an exciting previous day. I will never forget the lovely people I meant on our journey to Petra today, and I am so grateful I am here in this country. 

Tori Lawrence

Written by Tori Lawrence

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