Off-the-Beaten Path Experiences

Jul 8, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Reilly Folsom

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Jordan has many off-the-beaten path experiences for travelers eager to experience adventure, nature, and unique destinations. 

Here are four experiences you can plan for your next trip!

1. Glamping in Wadi Rum 

Wadi Rum, also known as the “Valley of the Moon” is a picturesque valley in southern Jordan. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, Wadi Rum is a scenic area where visitors can enjoy hiking, camel trekking and other eco-tourism activities. Travelers can take hot air balloon rides, jeep tours, and much more. Many intriguing campsites within Wadi Rum await the adventurous traveler. Some offer luxurious Bedouin style tents and bubble rooms so you can even sleep under the stars, and experience bedouin culture with local hosts. Head out to Wadi Rum and experience your own desert valley adventure! 

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2. Immerse Yourself in a Dead Sea Mud Bath 

The Dead Sea is a landlocked salt-lake on the Eastern shore of Jordan. Known for being the body of water at the lowest elevation on the surface of earth, the Dead Sea is a must-see when visiting Jordan. You may ask yourself, “Why would a mud bath be good for my skin and health?” Well, the high concentration of minerals in the waters of the Dead Sea draws out the impurities in the skin, strengthening and stimulating blood flow throughout one’s body. A Dead Sea mud bath offers more than the average spa experience. It is exactly what everyone needs to relax and heal both the body and soul.

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3. Calling All Thrill Seekers - Diving in the Red Sea 

For all the thrill seekers out there, scuba diving in the Red Sea is one way to get your fix. Aqaba, Jordan is a true paradise for water lovers. Pristine waters allow visitors to appreciate first-hand the fascinating marine life found in this part of the world; underwater exploration of the Red Sea is an experience of a lifetime. Catch the vibrant and warm colors of the extensive reef life, or even join a group on the most famous Red Sea dive to the Cedar Pride Wreck. Easily accessible from shore and a pirate-lover's dream. An encounter you will not want to miss! 

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4. Exploring the Beauty of the Dana Nature Reserve

The Dana Nature Reserve is Jordan’s largest such reserve, and the perfect place for lovers of the outdoors. With a variety of wildlife, sand dunes, and impeccable mountain top views, this wildlife sanctuary will make your trip to Jordan one to remember for years to come. Along with exemplary views, Dana is also rich with history. The village within the confines of the reserve is inhabited primarily by the Al Ata’ata tribe who settled there hundreds of years ago during the Ottoman Empire period. Restoration of the preserve continues today due to the support of “Friends of Dana,” a dynamic philanthropic women’s group in Amman. All in all, Dana Nature Reserve is an alluring and aesthetically pleasing area to hike and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

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Reilly Folsom

Written by Reilly Folsom

Reilly Folsom is a junior at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and currently resides in Los Angeles. She is passionate about travel, art, fashion, music, literature and sustainability. Reilly’s travel writing journey began during a year of studying abroad in Paris.

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