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Feb 15, 2024 11:00:00 AM

Maya Ammarin

By the end of this journey across and through Jordan, one thing was made clear to me: it is our sameness that unites us and our humanity that connects us.

And that, I believe, is the formula for harmony.

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(Photo courtesy: Dakota Snider

As a proud Jordanian, born and raised in the embrace of a land embroidered with rich history, culture, and landscapes, I had the unique privilege of rediscovering my homeland alongside a diverse group coming from different places guided by our witty and insightful tour guide, Majdi.

I am confident the group would attest to the fact that they landed in Jordan as travelers and departed having a new family in Jordan. Join me as I share some of the memorable moments that unfolded during this adventure with Good Morning Washington, United Hemispheres, INK Global and storyteller @FeedTheMalik.


(Photo courtesy: Dakota Snider

My Journey Through Jordan

A month ago, I embarked on my first ever trip to Jordan as a traveler. But since this wasn’t my first time in Jordan, I use the word traveler as a synonym to an explorer craving a human experience.

To be a traveler experiencing the Jordanian culture is to be a human immersed in a culture so hospitable and accepting it opens its arms to anyone. Jordanians are a people that welcome with an open, generous heart. And as my colleague, Janine Jervis, put it: "Jordan is not just a physical journey; it's a spiritual one."


Good Morning Washington Returns to Jordan

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The first time Good Morning Washington visited Jordan was back in June of last year, and their appetite as travelers of this marvelous country wasn't satiated enough, so they came back to see more of Jordan. Good Morning Washington’s very own Kidd O’Shea kicked off the trip with the first nonstop flight between DC and Amman, with United Airlines. Watch his interview with Malia Asfour, our Managing Director, conducted from the same beautiful suite at the Fairmont Amman where Chris Martin from Coldplay stayed.

Keep an eye out for more with Kidd O’Shea on Good Morning Washington’s Around the World on their return to Jordan!


Connecting with the Locals

Beyond simple interaction with locals, a lot of the experiences on our itinerary gave our group the unique opportunity to fully immerse in the culture and connect with the Jordanian community.

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(Photo courtesy: Dakota Snider

From interacting with Ahmad, a local and resident guide of the ancient city of Gadara, modern Um Qais, to Alaeddin a dynamic hip hop artist and guide to one of Jordan's unique street art walking tours Underground Amman; Um Suleiman from Galsoum's Kitchen that is part of our Meaningful Travel Map of Jordan, a hardworking woman and chef that welcomes guests into her home to experience local home-cooked meals that is indigenous to her community; Yanal, a filmmaker and local Bedouin guide, and so many more. We could not take those moments for granted but were granted them. Every encounter was a gift, a unique chance to deeply connect with every individual that crossed our path.

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(Photo courtesy: Dakota Snider


Start Planning Your Own Jordan Journey

Unsure of where to start when planning your trip? Travel content creator Anela Malik from @FeedTheMalik has all the answers as she shares a full recap of our trip in her YouTube video. This Jordan itinerary covers some of the must-see spots as well as some unknown gems and experiences that leave travelers with jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, full-of-connection memories. Everyone from our first-time visitors and repeat guests to the native born Jordanians all relished the moments created out of this itinerary, leaving some with a desire to revisit for more!

As I look back on these nine days of rediscovery, I realize that being a tourist in my own country has deepened my connection with Jordan even further. The laughters shared, the Bedouin tea overdose, the cultural exchanges, and the genuine curiosity of our international friends has enriched my perspective on the place I call home. Through the lens of Good Morning Washington, INK Global, and our creatives, I hope to inspire other travelers to embrace the joy of traversing through Jordan. And there is nothing that gives me more hope than our capacity as human beings to break down our barriers and connect with open hearts. #JustDoJordan

Maya Ammarin

Written by Maya Ammarin

Maya Ammarin was born and raised in Amman, and has recently graduated from Fordham University earning her bachelor's degree in Economics and International Political Economy. With a passion for local and sustainable development, Maya aims to highlight Jordan, its culture, and its people in their full beauty and authenticity.

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